The End of Werewolf The Forsaken

Its been a while since I posted, Mainly thanks to my ISP being a slow jerk to sort out my transfer. But I’m back in action now, so look forward to more.

Ok so Ive been running my Werewolf game for just over 2 months, and it came to conclusion for a few reasons but mostly because I feel my Roleplaying group doesnt take full advantage of sandbox style roleplaying, they seem to prefer a more story driven game, So I Wrapped up my game.

This is a summary of the story as it unfolded, mostly leaving out the boring parts, hopefully you like it. This has already been posted on Double Crit’s forum but I thought id put it here for all to see.

The Pack of Silver Ridge

All the packs from the surrounding area have gathered, they stand in a circle, a Stormlord Cahalith in the middle. They know why they have gathered, they know what they must do, yet he repeats the story, so they all know the fate that befalls the careless. He knows the pack that once held this territory did their absolute best to stop what has happened, but they failed, and from their failure formed the need for this gathering. Not unheard of but definitely painful to setup.

“This Story is true” His voice booms over the unruly mob. They immediately calm and listen intently.

“The packs that once held this territory were quite powerful. They were warriors, of the strongest blood, they died well before their time, trying to prevent what has happened here. The blight that has taken hold here is most foul. And we will not suffer its existence to continue to poison the world around it with its toxic influence. This cannot be allowed to spread! This will not be allowed to spread!”

The mob lets out a cheer.

“The pack that once controlled this territory worked with the bear as their spirit totem, It lent them aid in their times of need, it was a powerful being that has now been laid to rest. It was wise, it made the initial discovery of the blight that now infects this place, and lead the pack to finding, but they weren’t quick enough, they found it too late, and by the time they had found it, it had more powerful than any of us could handle alone. But still they fought. They knew they faced certain death but they faced it with pride, honour and courage. For this we will remember them”

The mob goes silent in respect to those who have fallen.

“The pack was of a strange origin, each experienced their first change within a year, and each was a ghost wolf, by the time the tribes noticed their existence it was too late. This is a shame, that such potential was wasted should weigh heavily on all our hearts. The pack worked hard to clean up their territory, they dealt with all the minor troubles, and started a youth hostel to try to clean up the gang problems, but alas the biggest problem of all was the very spirit of Silver Ridge itself.”

The mob whispers in inaudible hushed tones.

“The pack had done considerable good, when the portents to this spirits rising started to appear, and it started to undo their progress they searched. But alas they couldn’t find it, it was an elusive spirit, and a powerful spirit, it worked through agents, all of which were destroyed by our brothers. But the night they fell, they were marching into the unknown, with little more than a vague description of what they might find, they could wait no longer, they didn’t have time, it was far too powerful to be left unchallenged.”

The mob grows restless, some shift into Urshul form and howl.

“The pack united the spirits of Silver Ridge to their cause, this was a triumph as it allowed them to gain significant power, though the trades they had to do cost them dearly. The pack traded their Loci, their essence and pack services, in exchange they rallied a group of spirits of bears and wolves to help to supplement them in their fight in the shadow. To their credit they defeated the spirit. But they were unable to completely destroy it. It consumed them with some kind of plague, it spread and numbed them, and each time they stuck they become consumed by its power and lost an edge of their own. This is what led to their defeat.”

“The pack fought valiantly for 2 hours, but unfortunately in the end they were tired and warn out, their pack leader had been completely consumed by the spirit, their pack mates were dying, but they landed the final blow, I couldn’t tell you who landed the final blow, because their spirit allies had all but retreated, the treacherous fools realised they weren’t going to get most of their payment and backed out.”

The mob quietens down as the Cahalith finishes his speech.

“Where our Brothers fell, we will stand; together we will take back this blasted wound, and restore it to its former glory. That is our duty. We must not allow this act of destruction to go unpunished. Now we march into battle, those who fall will be remembered for their courage, and their determination, Tonight we will honor the fallen, we will howl so loud the entirety of Silver Ridge shudders under the pressure, They will hear us coming and they will know fear!!”

With this whole mob shifts to Urshul form and begins to howl, Spiritual essence bounces through the hair of the Cahalith as his howl pierces the gauntlet into the material world…

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World Building Part Two: Where are we?

Hey again Folks,

Today i’m going to talk alittle about map building;

Having a map for yourself and your players is a very important aspect of building your own world. Your players are being introduced to a world that have very little of an idea about – and this will give them a foundation and a feel.

So where do you start. Firstly get a piece of paper and scribble a shape on it – Have a look at the shapes of continents – they come in all different forms and nothing you do here can really be wrong.

After that – split it all up into rough nations (remembering nothing at this stage is set into stone) and write some smalls notes about each section – even if its just who/what/where type notes so you have a rough idea of whats going on.

I find when planning distances one of the easiest ways is grab your source book and look at one days travel – and plan your entire map around that. Start at a rough central point (i’d suggest starting at your starting point – oddly enough). Then plan things like “X” is 1.5 days away from “Y” – its a quick and universal way to give things shape. When using a grided map – On a world/continent map Use one day travel to a square – you can then zoom it in from there and change your scale.

When planning a map and a change between nations, use natural borders like hills, rivers, forests to form the borders between nations. These things are natural to the world and easily define the change in lands for players both in game and when looking over a map.

Always have two maps – one that you lay out for the player with large towns, known roads, and locations on them. Then a second “complete” map for yourself, give the “players” a map each to play around with – they can mark locations they deem important on it as they go and it gives them a sense of involvement and discovery inside of the game also.

Thats it for tonight Folks,

Tomorrow i’m going to speak in general on some of the complications i’ve stumbled across in the past few months of running a Homebrew World.

Till then.

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