Hi guys, in the coming weeks, you will see this location fill with various posts from myself. These will consist of Reviews, Tips and Hints, and the Tales of a Newbie DM. There will be at least 1 new review each week, and 1 new Tales of a Newbie DM, and probably other stuff as it jumps into my head.

  • Reviews: This for the most part will be my reviews on Role Playing books and Role Playing systems, at least in the short term…
  • Tales of a Newbie DM: This section will be about my own experiences fumbling through running my own games, keeping in mind I’m still very new to the whole DM thing.
  • Tips and Hints: This will be for new players, a guide to things I think are important in Role Playing systems I’m currently using, these will be monthly

So hopefully you enjoy it, Feel free to PM me with anything you want me to review or with suggestions.

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