An Introduction: Homebrewing

Hiya all.

After reading and enjoying Tom’s posts – I spoke to him about doing abit of an ongoing piece about making your own homebrew campaign setting. I want to talk about the pros and cons of it, things like cliches (how to deal with them), the challenges it presents and of cause the rewarding feeling of it all.

Firstly i’ll start off with a quick Introduction about myself. Hi, I’m Matthew. I’ve been roleplaying for around thirteen years now – but I’d say truly roleplaying for about five and i’ve been DMing for about four years now. I’ve played in many systems and editions of (A)D&D, Star Wars, L5R, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Dark Heresy, World of Darkness to mention a few. I’ve ran games in *most* of these but I truly find myself at home in Fantasy settings, I like the over the top fantastic style fantasy – I like my players to be heroes selected by fate, for them to be faced with a grueling process of “how do we deal with this” from very early on – so much further down the track when everything falls into place and they finally do manage it its a true feeling of an ending.

As I go i’ll be talking about a few GM issues also – but i’ll try not to offtrack *too much* when I do discuss GM issues – i’ll try to post them seperately.

I’m going to briefly discuss why do a homemade setting over a pre-generated setting.

Let me get this out really early: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with using a pre-generated setting, these days most setting books are like a skeletal frame anyway. I elected to make my own setting because I wanted to combine a range of ideas from a range of different settings. I had specific ideas of what kind of races I wanted and how I wanted them to be, what “bad guys” I wanted, what big changes I wanted to make to the “normal” – It was just a matter of I wanted something alittle “different” something new to introduce to my players.

In the end it was a matter of to get *exactly* what I wanted out of a campaign settingĀ - the best way about it was to do it myself and learn as I went along.

The lessons that I’ve learnt as I’ve done alone is what i’d like to share with everyone.

So alot of words and not really alot discussed!

Next time i’ll be talking about Preperation for getting ready to create your own world and where to start with it all.

Till Then Folks.


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