World Building Part Two: Where are we?

Hey again Folks,

Today i’m going to talk alittle about map building;

Having a map for yourself and your players is a very important aspect of building your own world. Your players are being introduced to a world that have very little of an idea about – and this will give them a foundation and a feel.

So where do you start. Firstly get a piece of paper and scribble a shape on it – Have a look at the shapes of continents – they come in all different forms and nothing you do here can really be wrong.

After that – split it all up into rough nations (remembering nothing at this stage is set into stone) and write some smalls notes about each section – even if its just who/what/where type notes so you have a rough idea of whats going on.

I find when planning distances one of the easiest ways is grab your source book and look at one days travel – and plan your entire map around that. Start at a rough central point (i’d suggest starting at your starting point – oddly enough). Then plan things like “X” is 1.5 days away from “Y” – its a quick and universal way to give things shape. When using a grided map – On a world/continent map Use one day travel to a square – you can then zoom it in from there and change your scale.

When planning a map and a change between nations, use natural borders like hills, rivers, forests to form the borders between nations. These things are natural to the world and easily define the change in lands for players both in game and when looking over a map.

Always have two maps – one that you lay out for the player with large towns, known roads, and locations on them. Then a second “complete” map for yourself, give the “players” a map each to play around with – they can mark locations they deem important on it as they go and it gives them a sense of involvement and discovery inside of the game also.

Thats it for tonight Folks,

Tomorrow┬ái’m going to speak in general on some of the complications i’ve stumbled across in the past few months of running a Homebrew World.

Till then.

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